From 18 October 1942 the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm shared Drem with the RAF, flying night fighters. No.784 Squadron was a Night Fighter School, top secret at the time, as it used the Ground Control of Interception radar station at nearby Dirleton village to guide its aircraft. Even local inhabitants knew little of what was going on, or the real purpose of the buildings.

On 21 April 1945, the airfield was placed on loan to the Navy, renamed as HMS Nighthawk, a strong hint as to the establishment's purpose.

748 Royal Naval Air Squadron Officers
- note that the majority are Volunteer Reserve, indicated by the wavy cuff rank insignia.

1792 Royal Naval Air Squadron at HMS Nighthawk, Drem, 8 March 1946.
The aircraft is possibly a Fairy Firefly. Could the dog be the same as in 748 Squadron's photo?

Taken outside one of the many buildings at RAF Drem (HMS Nighthawk),
a detachment of WRNS (Women's Royal Naval Service),
who took over admin duties from their WAAF predecessors in 1945.

Vera, Florrie, Pearl, Millie, Margaret, Sheila, Mrs Simons
- WRNS relaxing in their accommodation at Drem on 24 March 1946.

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